Kettle bells & Soup

Hello and welcome back.


I’ve come to realise I get fixations on things that only last a month it will only be like 1 or 2 things.  So I’ve come to call them my monthly fixations last month it was doughnut & waffles the month before that it was lipsticks.

This month it kettles bells and soups which brings me to today blog.

So I did something today I went to Kmart for only one thing! Envelopes

Was meant to just run in and run out no fucking around one thing only!

So I beeline to where I thought the stationary would be but this is Kmart, there are two Kmart’s where I live and they are both designed differently to each other and it confuses me every time I got in.

Well I thought I was in the Bayfair one which is in a shopping mall and I was in the other one is in a shopping centre anyway I beeline to the area where I thought they were by the time I get there I realised I’m in the other Kmart so I have to walk to the other side of the shop on my walk I found the work out section,  I’m  having a look and I see a 5kg kettlebell I thought about all the workouts I can do with this kettle ball and I got super excited “I forgot about the envelops the whole reason I was here!”

I have to get it Right now! And off I walked rather fast up to the counter pay for it and I walked out with a smile. I couldn’t wait to get home and find workouts.


Get home super excited get the laptop and go on YouTube and Pinterest and look up workouts. I’ve found some amazing ones and I’ve been trying them out most of my morning today and now all I want to eat is soup and that all I’ll eat for weeks is fucking soup! I’ll try eating other things but I won’t be happy until I get my soups. I have no idea how my partner puts up with me ha-ha!


So my week’s will be soup making and kettlebell workouts so this is going to be an interesting month hopefully I can see some progress at the end of the month!! I’ll weight myself threw out the month too……I also still have to get envelops at some point!!


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Till next time.

Lil x

Ups & Downs

Hello and welcome back.

Yep, I’m still here I haven’t given up not yet, things have not been going my way but I’m doing the best I can cause I’m not quieter. some post I write on my phone so it may be a crap post with a lot of spelling errors and everything else but I’m back on my lappy.

what a crazy month June was. It’s funny how when you try to get your life to work and you’re making progress then out of nowhere you are back where you began, thinking to yourself “where the hell did that come from? and why me?” just when things were going well the weight loss gods are like “CHALLENGE TIME BITCH” lucky I love a good challenge isn’t it.

Had to postpone my weight loss in June for most of it since my parent drilled threw his finger and it got all nasty and stuff so he spent a few weeks in the hospital were I visited him every day. While he was in hospital some wanker broken into his car and “attempted” to steal it. so I dealt with police, insurance, iv never felt so grown up in my life before haha.

To be honest Thinking back to those weeks… well that month I didn’t really postpone my weight loss I just wasn’t thinking about it my mind was on other things.

So I was walking everywhere! I was eating shit though (pizzahut& dominos)  but I was walking 2-2.9km every day and the streets I had taken to get to my friends are every evening was down and up  steep hills that made you sweat, There was a morning where it as -1 and by the time I had walked up the hills I was in a t-shirt and sweating!

Iv notice my legs are more muscular and I can walk for longer and want to feel the burn! and my butt is looking good to Win! I did jump on the scales a few time threw out the month the first time was at a stupid time of day and after I had eaten a cheese pizza, I knew it wouldn’t read right, just hell of it i did it,  so I tried again in the morning and it read 64.0kgs2nd time the 3rd was 66.5kg  then a 68.3kg and  the last one I did was 65.8kg which was Friday so iv been up and down with the numbers but I don’t mine .

Iv been looking to do one of these 30-day challenges workouts and iv found one feel free to steal it and do this with me ill post it below I found it on My favourite place on the internet  >>Pinterest <<I have a health and fitness board somewhere there feel free to check it out hopefully it helps you in any way shape or form.

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Till next time. x


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New Tea!

Hello and Welcome Back.

Yesterday I went out and got a new tea to start my mornings off. I’m really loving these fruit flavours tea’s I have in my collection so far strawberry, raspberry, ginger and lemon, and now pomegranate tea.

I love tea🤗

I had this first thing in the morning this morning (hot) and I feel good, it tasted good too I made a cold brew for threw out the day today it nice cold too. I wonder want flavour I should get next week😂

I jumped on the scales too and it says I’m 64.0kg…. interesting.


Hello and welcome back

iv started my morning off a little different I woke up early and went for a run first thing and it was very very cold but I warmed up. we are at the start of winter in NZ so it’s getting chilly out there in the mornings. after almost a week of crapy wet weather, the sun is out shiny but it has a very cold wind.

Today’s plan is to walk the dog, do my DVD work out which I haven’t been doing  and this is why I got a kitten and he went exploring behind my tv and decided he wanted to jump on top of it……. well……. the damn cat jumped up and knocks it off the tv table tv landed face first and had a huge crack down the screen 😦 . So now I have to buy a new TV.

I’ve have been drinking green tea and had to stop cause it was fucking with my anxiety. now I know my limits and what sets me offs and it took me a while to figure out it was the green tea pure but other than that  I think that helped me lose a couple of kgs I’m now back up at 66.6 again since I stop drinking it.

I went out and bought a stunning dress to help me lose weight so now I’m no longer working now I have time to work on my weight little goal is to get below 60kg and stay under!

till next time,

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Update #2

Soo iv had a bad couple of weeks since my last post with this weight loss, works been slow and iv been home a lot. now I’m very good at keeping on my diet but some reason I have gotten lazy which has to lead me to out 2kg back on, that was a week ago I have weighted myself yesterday and I am 64.7kgs I’m not going to complain at all.

This week I’m going to work extra hard now I don’t have work I can focus on this weight loss adventure so there will be a lot of post from now on since I have the time.

short update

hello and welcome

I haven’t updated in awhile cause my life has been so crazy with the whole break up iv been a compleat and utter mess, but I’m back taking baby steps and day by day so sorry for the lack of post iv also been working 7 days a week 10 hours a day.

So I have been weighing myself every Friday like I said I would and been keeping a record to tell you guys even tho I haven’t been posting. I think in the last post I was 66.4 I have been stuck at 66.4 and 66.6 like come on devils number much,  iv been eating well and working out and nothing for the last month just floating between those number. then last Friday I wasn’t even going to jump on cause I just felt like it was going nowhere and i was over it and I wanted to give up cause I was stuck, but I did it anyway and low and behold bitches in 64.7 and this morning I jumped on cause I was curious, fucken boom 62.0kg  I jumped on like 5 times and made sure it was legit and each time it read 62.0 I don’t get it at all but I’m not complaining I’ll take it! so I’m happy with that 45kg is getting closer.


oh, guy’s guesses what!!! I got a kitten his name is Felix and he’s amazing!  if you like you can follow us on by clicking >> Instagram << I don’t show any weight loss pics or stories on there this is my only weight lost adventure page,  it’s just a little perv into my life if you wanna see the face behind the blog. it’s a bunch of random ass stuff but feel free to follow me ill follow back always.



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Today’s a Hard Day

hello, my lovely’s

just a little update since I feel like I NEED  to write!

Today has just been horrible I feel like crap my heads all blocked again i cant think clear and just BLAAHHH and I look and feel like iv put on weight.

I have a day off work today and I went out for an hour walk this morning have drunk 2  1.5 bottles of water so far. iv done cleaning and washing and then fell asleep 45 mins,  I’ve woke up and cooked my lunch for tomorrow for work it is now 2:52pm, this daylight saving has really messed with me this year. iv kinda eating crap today  I’m really good with self-control but today oh lord I’ve had a chocolate muffin, ice cream, chips  (school snack ones) toast with butter. one slice of pizza. BAD LIL!

so to try and get me out of this weird blocked headspace I’m going to go work out for a bit get some sweat going, see if that helps.

I’m also going to get my eyes checked out tomorrow afternoon cause I may or may not need glasses.

until next time

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A Life Lessons: Love & Loss

Hello lovelies
What a week from hell this has been. I spent the weekend with my bf came home Monday night get home to unpack and I get a message from a random girl asking if this was my boyfriend. And low and behold it was he was on a dating site and was chatting up girls like horrible dirty revolting thing’s and she wasn’t impressed she sent me screenshots of the whole thing that made me sick! So that night I ended a 5-year relationship and now he asking forgiveness saying it was “nothing”
Anyway, I might make Fridays my weight in day, last time I weighed in I was 68 legs well I jumped on the scales and I was shocked I had to jump on three times to make sure it said 66.40kg!!
Holy Molly, I was so shocked and happy I’m slowly dropping weight. So I put this into the app I have on my phone “weight& BMI” it record my weight threw my adventure I love this app so much not so the adds that come with it.
I’m over the moon it may only be a couple of kgs but that’s better than putting it on.


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Work Out DVD & Green Tea

Hello lovelies I weighed myself this morning I started off at 68.8kgs, this morning I jumped on my weight watchers scales ( i was so excited to get these scales, I was like a kid going to Disney World! )  and it read 68.0kgs I’m happy with that, ill take it, winning! this last week has been a […]

My dogs a weirdo

Once in a while, we are gifted by the gods, we are gifted a little bit of heaven it has four legs, a waggy tail and a cold wet nose with personality exploding at the seams ready to love you to their last breath and beat of the heart.

The Dog they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and have their individual’s personality that makes us love them even more. I happen to have the weirdest dog but I love her.


I got Tinkabella almost two years ago, she is a black and white foxy and by far the weirdest dog I have ever meet and owned. You would be standing in the kitchen or living room or anywhere really, and she will come and launch herself at your feet and slide over them or just come up and flop on your feet ” The Tink Flop” lay on her back and just stare up at you with her mouth open and tongue out the side with a “what ya doing” expression. She loves to just lay on her back around the house too in different place’s threw out the house you walk in and she outside the bathroom, or in the kitchen, living room ANYWHERE just laying around acting dead, and she tries to trip you up, I went to the loo and it was 3 in the morning and I turn off the lights and I literally trip over her cause she right there outside the door waiting… playing dead at 3 in the morning!!

She just lays around on her back like a weirdo playing dead. She is way to smart for her own good if you have money in your pocket and you happen to get up and say the magic word in our house “are you ready” she runs out by the car all ready to go, then you have to try and catch her, but she learned to stay home now which is good we just tell her to stay home and look after the old dog which is our 18-year-old foxy gypsy and she goes to find gypsy and sits alongside her. Don’t even get me started on bath time WW3!

Tink & The Rat

For the past 3 weeks, she has been hunting around the veggie garden looking for this rat now I haven’t seen this rat but she knows there is a rat there, last week I’m outside having my morning tea when she is rummaging about in dads veggie garden. She’s making a lot of sounds so this got the cat to come along to see what was happing, Tink must have flushed the rat from where it was hiding and the cat saw this and now joined in the hunt for the rat. Tink and the cat have teamed up to get this rat now they were to busy looking on the ground and didn’t see it run up the tree and hide in the bird feed plate above them, this was the first time I saw it and it was huge!! the size of large rock melon, so I got the cat and showed her the rat she locks on to it, I put her down and she started making this weird chatty sound, Tink come out of the bush and she knows straight away the cats found it

Tink is up on her hind legs trying to find it and the cat launches up the tree and the rat goes flying off the bird feeder and into the grapevine !!! and like a flash of light tink driving in and is in full hunt mode, she wants this rat the game is on! the cats in the bush with tink they really want this rat its been annoying them for the last 3 weeks.

Now my beloved dog gypsy she is getting old she’s deaf and her sight is around 40% she just comes doodling along has no idea what’s going on she’s just happy in her own world, so I’m patting her we having a little cuddle, she puts her nose to the air she’s found the scent! and she’s away! she finds the others and now she’s joined in on the rat hunt. so now 3 of them are all hyped up in hunting mode… dad walks out and he asked what all the crazy sounds are about I said they found the rat he rolls his eyes and walks to feed the birds.

So this has been my pets high light at home. They haven’t found the rat yet, so it’s an ongoing hunt iv seen the rat 5 times since then and so have the hunters the cat seems to do night shift while the dogs do the day shift when they finally do get this rat they will be so bored and try to find something else to hunt. There does happen to be male pheasant around the yard, they have attempted to get him, he’s to fast but that doesn’t stop them from trying….. till then