So as of yesterday IV started IF 16/8. So far so good, as always I have stomach acid upset, but happens for me. the start is always the hardest, but that will pass soon then it will be a nice smooth ride first week is always “uncomfortable” I have found from my own personal experience. I’m yet to weight my self should do that so I nowhere I’m starting….. 71.6kgs

At the very start, May 1st I was 73.kgs dropped down to 66kgs then gained it all back as IV said in my last post.

I’ll make Fridays my weight days see how much I lose or gain, here’s hoping it’s losing.

Until next time…

Lil X

Update #2

Soo iv had a bad couple of weeks since my last post with this weight loss, works been slow and iv been home a lot. now I’m very good at keeping on my diet but some reason I have gotten lazy which has to lead me to out 2kg back on, that was a week ago I have weighted myself yesterday and I am 64.7kgs I’m not going to complain at all.

This week I’m going to work extra hard now I don’t have work I can focus on this weight loss adventure so there will be a lot of post from now on since I have the time.

My dogs a weirdo

Once in a while, we are gifted by the gods, we are gifted a little bit of heaven it has four legs, a waggy tail and a cold wet nose with personality exploding at the seams ready to love you to their last breath and beat of the heart.

The Dog they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and have their individual’s personality that makes us love them even more. I happen to have the weirdest dog but I love her.


I got Tinkabella almost two years ago, she is a black and white foxy and by far the weirdest dog I have ever meet and owned. You would be standing in the kitchen or living room or anywhere really, and she will come and launch herself at your feet and slide over them or just come up and flop on your feet ” The Tink Flop” lay on her back and just stare up at you with her mouth open and tongue out the side with a “what ya doing” expression. She loves to just lay on her back around the house too in different place’s threw out the house you walk in and she outside the bathroom, or in the kitchen, living room ANYWHERE just laying around acting dead, and she tries to trip you up, I went to the loo and it was 3 in the morning and I turn off the lights and I literally trip over her cause she right there outside the door waiting… playing dead at 3 in the morning!!

She just lays around on her back like a weirdo playing dead. She is way to smart for her own good if you have money in your pocket and you happen to get up and say the magic word in our house “are you ready” she runs out by the car all ready to go, then you have to try and catch her, but she learned to stay home now which is good we just tell her to stay home and look after the old dog which is our 18-year-old foxy gypsy and she goes to find gypsy and sits alongside her. Don’t even get me started on bath time WW3!

Tink & The Rat

For the past 3 weeks, she has been hunting around the veggie garden looking for this rat now I haven’t seen this rat but she knows there is a rat there, last week I’m outside having my morning tea when she is rummaging about in dads veggie garden. She’s making a lot of sounds so this got the cat to come along to see what was happing, Tink must have flushed the rat from where it was hiding and the cat saw this and now joined in the hunt for the rat. Tink and the cat have teamed up to get this rat now they were to busy looking on the ground and didn’t see it run up the tree and hide in the bird feed plate above them, this was the first time I saw it and it was huge!! the size of large rock melon, so I got the cat and showed her the rat she locks on to it, I put her down and she started making this weird chatty sound, Tink come out of the bush and she knows straight away the cats found it

Tink is up on her hind legs trying to find it and the cat launches up the tree and the rat goes flying off the bird feeder and into the grapevine !!! and like a flash of light tink driving in and is in full hunt mode, she wants this rat the game is on! the cats in the bush with tink they really want this rat its been annoying them for the last 3 weeks.

Now my beloved dog gypsy she is getting old she’s deaf and her sight is around 40% she just comes doodling along has no idea what’s going on she’s just happy in her own world, so I’m patting her we having a little cuddle, she puts her nose to the air she’s found the scent! and she’s away! she finds the others and now she’s joined in on the rat hunt. so now 3 of them are all hyped up in hunting mode… dad walks out and he asked what all the crazy sounds are about I said they found the rat he rolls his eyes and walks to feed the birds.

So this has been my pets high light at home. They haven’t found the rat yet, so it’s an ongoing hunt iv seen the rat 5 times since then and so have the hunters the cat seems to do night shift while the dogs do the day shift when they finally do get this rat they will be so bored and try to find something else to hunt. There does happen to be male pheasant around the yard, they have attempted to get him, he’s to fast but that doesn’t stop them from trying….. till then

The Journey Begins

Hello There!

Welcome to my Lil world of adventures.

About me:

{Childhood Days} My name is Lil I was born in Austraila but grew up and live in the wonderful New Zeland I grew up in NZ, I grew up in the far north, where it was only me and my father he was a farmer but is now retired. I was a country girl from a young age and still am now in my mid 20’s. we had all the farm animals you could think of over the years of living on the farm, we lived in a harbor on the west coast of the far north island on the waterfront of this quite hidden Gem I called home. On the weekend id go fishing, hunting, walking, and swimming, with my friend who lived just around the corner (literally).On weekdays I was up at 6 to get ready to go catch the bus to go to school not more than 80 kids maybe even less. School holidays I would go and stay with my cousins (5 of them) down in Napier, to be “socialized” I called it I didn’t mine I loved it down there, they are my sisters and brother but I did miss doing what I do best which was running amuck and been a wild child and been free with my friends back home, I was brought up as an only child so having my cousins around was full on never a dull moment when I stayed, so many fights and tears and screaming. My auntie is the BEST cook I shit you not her cooking is amazing and still is to this very day my favorite. I moved down and did some schooling in Napier. few years past and my cousin moved to Hamilton when I was about 13 I moved in with them and on school holidays went back home to the farm so it was like a boarding school but with family.

{TheTeen years}Dad sold the farm when I was 14, my father his new wife myself and the family dog move over to live in Austraila, sunshine coast Qld, I did my high schooling there I made and meet some amazing people while living there. Life over on the sunny coast was wonderful, sure there are snakes, spiders the size of dinner plants but it was worth the little scares once and awhile and it didn’t stop me from sneaking out at night running down the driveway in pitch black I don’t know how I didn’t see or get bit or step on a snake. we lived on a small rose farm in Eumundi where I grew a love for horse’s iv never had one before that when father brought me palomino I started horse riding with my best friend who is a crazy horse lady.

I spent 4 years living in Australia and it was the best 4 years of my life so far I love going back and seeing everyone and catching up on a holiday, we left Aussie in 2009.

{Adulting} Now making a life for myself in NZ since iv been back I have done some studied manly hospitality and found a new passion for floristry (dream job) was living for a few years in Hamilton where I did a floristry course I loved every moment of it now have move to the bay of plenty where I am currently started to start writing I don’t know if this would be read or not I don’t mine really

so that’s me in a nutshell if you wanna know more welcome to ask.

Thanks for joining me, until next time