New Tea!

Hello and Welcome Back.

Yesterday I went out and got a new tea to start my mornings off. I’m really loving these fruit flavours tea’s I have in my collection so far strawberry, raspberry, ginger and lemon, and now pomegranate tea.

I love tea🤗

I had this first thing in the morning this morning (hot) and I feel good, it tasted good too I made a cold brew for threw out the day today it nice cold too. I wonder want flavour I should get next week😂

I jumped on the scales too and it says I’m 64.0kg…. interesting.


Hello and welcome back

iv started my morning off a little different I woke up early and went for a run first thing and it was very very cold but I warmed up. we are at the start of winter in NZ so it’s getting chilly out there in the mornings. after almost a week of crapy wet weather, the sun is out shiny but it has a very cold wind.

Today’s plan is to walk the dog, do my DVD work out which I haven’t been doing  and this is why I got a kitten and he went exploring behind my tv and decided he wanted to jump on top of it……. well……. the damn cat jumped up and knocks it off the tv table tv landed face first and had a huge crack down the screen 😦 . So now I have to buy a new TV.

I’ve have been drinking green tea and had to stop cause it was fucking with my anxiety. now I know my limits and what sets me offs and it took me a while to figure out it was the green tea pure but other than that  I think that helped me lose a couple of kgs I’m now back up at 66.6 again since I stop drinking it.

I went out and bought a stunning dress to help me lose weight so now I’m no longer working now I have time to work on my weight little goal is to get below 60kg and stay under!

till next time,

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Work Out DVD & Green Tea

Hello lovelies I weighed myself this morning I started off at 68.8kgs, this morning I jumped on my weight watchers scales ( i was so excited to get these scales, I was like a kid going to Disney World! )  and it read 68.0kgs I’m happy with that, ill take it, winning! this last week has been a […]

Weight loss & Tea

Hello and happy Easter to everyone! Today I am going to be talking about Tea because Tea is amazing and I love Tea! Did you know tea helped me lose 10-15 kg in 3-5 months all I did was replaces sodas and juice and alcohol with tea!! worked out for 10mins a day or I went out and walked the dog which was much funnier than doing 20x squats 20x sit ups 20x jumping jacks repeating that 15 times, I rather go outside and go to the park and play tag with my dog and kick the ball around, in the end I lost the kgs!!! The main thing was I was active and getting that heart rate up and sweating it felt good!

I never knew how many kinds of teas there are out there in the big round world there are a lot! I only new of the ones we had for home which was bells tea or English breakfast I didn’t know about fruit teas, floral, green black, white, oolong teas just to name some, till I start my weight loss it’s like a door was opened for me, I lost this weight when I was 22 years old I’m now 26 and have gained all the weight I lost and more!! the BMI chart says that I am “obese” for my height now I’m 31kg over my healthy weight this is shocking, horrible and I’m not happy with this result!!! so I’m going to do something about it today! No more sodas, takeaways, junk food, no more alcohol, no more chocolates!

I don’t like drinking water you may laugh at me but I can’t drink water by itself it has to be mixed with something like lemon or some sort of flavour other than ” water flavour” so flavoured teas helped me out a lot when I lost the 10-15 kg

So I’ll just do what I did before till I’m down to my goal weight. Do my 20x work out drink my tea, I know it will take me time and I’ll have my slip ups but I’ll get back on track I’m ok with that, I don’t want an overnight skinny body cause there is no such thing and that just not healthy everyone is different when it comes to losing weight for some it long hard and other fast and easy.

so this blog lifestyle will turn into a weight loss/health/beauty blog

Your welcome to follow along and see how I’m going. by October I’d like to be close to my ideal weight 48 -49kgs right now I’m 68kgs so let the Adventure begin!!