Step 2 Accepting the Truth…

I just want to thank you for sticking around and following my weight-loss adventures of ups but mostly down and my win and losses, even if you’re just popping in for a read. Thank you, you are amazing!

Hello and welcome back.

Soo had an eye-opener this morning. It shocked me, to recap last week I said I had given up for a while and didn’t care.

And now I’m back on board once again well…… Iv gain A LOT of weight and I have no one else to blame but myself,  and I know how and why and I’ve accepted that this morning. You can’t just go from watching what you eat and working out daily to then eating shit food and not do any fitness with “I don’t care attitude” and my frame of mind was “oh I won’t gain that much” well I proved myself wrong!  You  will gain weight and I knew this  but I didn’t care, so from 62 to 72.1kgs I’m kicking myself,  I’ve relearnt why I don’t go off the weight loss boat iv gave me purpose and a drive  and now I have my drive back I have more weight to lose, so my goal for this month is to get under 70ks again. Hopefully, my next blog is a good one and it’s a win cause I love sharing the good news.


Till next time
Lil x



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