Step 1 Blogging Again

Well Hello There!

It’s has been minute, but I’m back from what feel like forever! (which it has, cause I gave up…. ) not going to lie, fully just fell off the spaceship to the weight loss planet and been floating around in space lost and Dahh you know gaining weight, not giving to crap about… ANYTHING.

I was laying in bed this morning and I asked myself  “what am I going to do today?!” I have no work all week (haven’t worked for the last three weeks) it’s been nice, not going to lie staying up late, sleeping in till the afternoon, it’s been wonderful till…..

Today kinda just hit me I’m bored as hell! and need to start taking little steps to get back into weight loss again, There are only so many ps4 games and Netflix you can play and watch. So yeah, that’s been me for the last 3 week. Since my lost post, it’s been a steady downhill of ups and down and takeaways.

But here I am today said good-bye to my old laptop and brought a desktop, I find it much better, also and I’ve been good I stopped drinking alcohol can’t even drink a glass of wine or beer, even though for Christmas I was gifted 10 bottles of red wine just from one friend! (I only have 3 very close friends) she knows I’m not drinking but yet she got me wine for years! It’s a shame she doesn’t drink wine cause I would have gifted them back to her over the years to come.

she and I attempted to join a gym the idea is still there for me, it’s one of my goals it’s just awkward for myself to cause lack of work and the timing is just wrong plus I live an hour away from the gym, so yeah doesn’t help,  so I’m changing that by finding a new job closer to the city. 

Current weight is 62kgs that was 3-4 weeks ago haven’t weighed myself since then cause I haven’t really cared, which is very sad. But I know I NEED to do something cause the older and bigger I get the harder I will have to work!, so I’m going to find a challenge since I know I can stick to them.

Oh yes, I tried keto wasn’t for me sadly, I got keto flu it was horrible the brain fogged up and it the threw me off life and overwhelmed me, turns out I can’t deal without being able to focus, it was like when writer have writer block I had life block,  but congrats to you guys and gals who pushed through it proud of you!


Till next time xox



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