Off And On Again


Hello and welcome back yes I’m still here!

So it’s been a while!

Since my last blog, The Forgotten 80kg things have changed from good and bad good news is I’m back at work. I had about almost two months off work and in those 2 months, I have put on 8kgs or so leaving my weight at 70-71kgs bad news.

I’m not going to lie to you I was eating unhealthy cause I was stressing about not working I live with my father and he did not help me at all! I didn’t think I was an emotional eater but looking back you could say I fell off the wagon and landed outside a take -away strip of KFC Mc D’s and BK I’m not happy about it at all, so that’s what has happened.

1st of October I started doing my work out DVD again pretty much died and I’m starting to attempted a meal prepping thing (I don’t even nowhere to start) I also forked out and got a new blender cause my old one was getting old, and you know it’s time for a new kitchen appliances when you can smell burning coming from the machine, so hello magic bullet blender life!!

Also, I have to figure out how to lube the treadmill (that sounds weird yes I no!) But the track you run on is catching to the treadmill and it freaks me out.

Till next time

♥♥Feel free to♥♥
Follow me, like my blogs, ask me questions, comment positive vibes, ill love to read your blogs or watch your adventure with weight loss or life.

Lil x


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