Kettle bells & Soup

Hello and welcome back.


I’ve come to realise I get fixations on things that only last a month it will only be like 1 or 2 things.  So I’ve come to call them my monthly fixations last month it was doughnut & waffles the month before that it was lipsticks.

This month it kettles bells and soups which brings me to today blog.

So I did something today I went to Kmart for only one thing! Envelopes

Was meant to just run in and run out no fucking around one thing only!

So I beeline to where I thought the stationary would be but this is Kmart, there are two Kmart’s where I live and they are both designed differently to each other and it confuses me every time I got in.

Well I thought I was in the Bayfair one which is in a shopping mall and I was in the other one is in a shopping centre anyway I beeline to the area where I thought they were by the time I get there I realised I’m in the other Kmart so I have to walk to the other side of the shop on my walk I found the work out section,  I’m  having a look and I see a 5kg kettlebell I thought about all the workouts I can do with this kettle ball and I got super excited “I forgot about the envelops the whole reason I was here!”

I have to get it Right now! And off I walked rather fast up to the counter pay for it and I walked out with a smile. I couldn’t wait to get home and find workouts.


Get home super excited get the laptop and go on YouTube and Pinterest and look up workouts. I’ve found some amazing ones and I’ve been trying them out most of my morning today and now all I want to eat is soup and that all I’ll eat for weeks is fucking soup! I’ll try eating other things but I won’t be happy until I get my soups. I have no idea how my partner puts up with me ha-ha!


So my week’s will be soup making and kettlebell workouts so this is going to be an interesting month hopefully I can see some progress at the end of the month!! I’ll weight myself threw out the month too……I also still have to get envelops at some point!!


♥♥Feel free to♥♥
Follow me, like my blogs, ask me questions, comment positive vibes, ill love to read your blogs or watch your adventure with weight loss, if you have any tip’s or tricks you think will help me let me know 

Till next time.

Lil x

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