Ups & Downs

Hello and welcome back.

Yep, I’m still here I haven’t given up not yet, things have not been going my way but I’m doing the best I can cause I’m not quieter. some post I write on my phone so it may be a crap post with a lot of spelling errors and everything else but I’m back on my lappy.

what a crazy month June was. It’s funny how when you try to get your life to work and you’re making progress then out of nowhere you are back where you began, thinking to yourself “where the hell did that come from? and why me?” just when things were going well the weight loss gods are like “CHALLENGE TIME BITCH” lucky I love a good challenge isn’t it.

Had to postpone my weight loss in June for most of it since my parent drilled threw his finger and it got all nasty and stuff so he spent a few weeks in the hospital were I visited him every day. While he was in hospital some wanker broken into his car and “attempted” to steal it. so I dealt with police, insurance, iv never felt so grown up in my life before haha.

To be honest Thinking back to those weeks… well that month I didn’t really postpone my weight loss I just wasn’t thinking about it my mind was on other things.

So I was walking everywhere! I was eating shit though (pizzahut& dominos)  but I was walking 2-2.9km every day and the streets I had taken to get to my friends are every evening was down and up  steep hills that made you sweat, There was a morning where it as -1 and by the time I had walked up the hills I was in a t-shirt and sweating!

Iv notice my legs are more muscular and I can walk for longer and want to feel the burn! and my butt is looking good to Win! I did jump on the scales a few time threw out the month the first time was at a stupid time of day and after I had eaten a cheese pizza, I knew it wouldn’t read right, just hell of it i did it,  so I tried again in the morning and it read 64.0kgs2nd time the 3rd was 66.5kg  then a 68.3kg and  the last one I did was 65.8kg which was Friday so iv been up and down with the numbers but I don’t mine .

Iv been looking to do one of these 30-day challenges workouts and iv found one feel free to steal it and do this with me ill post it below I found it on My favourite place on the internet  >>Pinterest <<I have a health and fitness board somewhere there feel free to check it out hopefully it helps you in any way shape or form.

♥♥Feel free to♥♥
Follow me, like my blogs, ask me questions, comment positive vibes, ill love to read your blogs or watch your adventure with weight loss, if you have any tip’s or tricks you think will help me let me know 

Till next time. x


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