Hello and welcome back

iv started my morning off a little different I woke up early and went for a run first thing and it was very very cold but I warmed up. we are at the start of winter in NZ so it’s getting chilly out there in the mornings. after almost a week of crapy wet weather, the sun is out shiny but it has a very cold wind.

Today’s plan is to walk the dog, do my DVD work out which I haven’t been doing  and this is why I got a kitten and he went exploring behind my tv and decided he wanted to jump on top of it……. well……. the damn cat jumped up and knocks it off the tv table tv landed face first and had a huge crack down the screen 😦 . So now I have to buy a new TV.

I’ve have been drinking green tea and had to stop cause it was fucking with my anxiety. now I know my limits and what sets me offs and it took me a while to figure out it was the green tea pure but other than that  I think that helped me lose a couple of kgs I’m now back up at 66.6 again since I stop drinking it.

I went out and bought a stunning dress to help me lose weight so now I’m no longer working now I have time to work on my weight little goal is to get below 60kg and stay under!

till next time,

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Follow me, like my blogs, ask me questions, comment positive vibes, ill love to read your blogs or watch your adventure with weight loss, if you have any tip’s or tricks you think will help me let me know. 😀

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