Today’s a Hard Day

hello, my lovely’s

just a little update since I feel like I NEED  to write!

Today has just been horrible I feel like crap my heads all blocked again i cant think clear and just BLAAHHH and I look and feel like iv put on weight.

I have a day off work today and I went out for an hour walk this morning have drunk 2  1.5 bottles of water so far. iv done cleaning and washing and then fell asleep 45 mins,  I’ve woke up and cooked my lunch for tomorrow for work it is now 2:52pm, this daylight saving has really messed with me this year. iv kinda eating crap today  I’m really good with self-control but today oh lord I’ve had a chocolate muffin, ice cream, chips  (school snack ones) toast with butter. one slice of pizza. BAD LIL!

so to try and get me out of this weird blocked headspace I’m going to go work out for a bit get some sweat going, see if that helps.

I’m also going to get my eyes checked out tomorrow afternoon cause I may or may not need glasses.

until next time

♥♥Feel free to♥♥
Follow me, like my blogs, ask me questions, comment positive vibes, I’ll love to read your blogs or watch your adventure with weight loss if you have any tip’s or tricks you think will help me let me know Till next week.

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