Work Out DVD & Green Tea

Hello lovelies

I weighed myself this morning I started off at 68.8kgs, this morning I jumped on my weight watchers scales ( i was so excited to get these scales, I was like a kid going to Disney World! )  and it read 68.0kgs I’m happy with that, ill take it, winning! this last week has been a blur through it like my brain is clogged, my head feel’s heavy and thinking is not there at the moment. I try to have the brain power to amp myself up and get myself motivated, but it’s just hasn’t been there this week at all!! I know why I think, I have a very low iron level so a blood test is required to see how low they are and so that for next week.

So this morning my fitness DVD arrived   Charlotte Crosby’s Belly Blitz. Couldn’t wait I got ready and played it, Now this was fast paced and I was dying it was only the warm-up, it is an actual work out itself for me and the work out itself YOU WORK OUT all right. I only could go up to stage 2 before I had it stop and have a rest but my heart rate was up and I was puffed and sweating I love it!! I want to be able to do the whole DVD  in one go that’s my goal for this DVD.

I have replaced coffee  and soda with green tea,  iv been drinking this for about 3 weeks and other teas (I love trying new Tea’s) I have a cup every morning before work  and I have it throughout the day I fill up my water bottle with ice and two tea bag’s of green tea and take it to work , I feel awake and refreshed this last week I’m not sure if its the tea or my body  this week I havnt had any craving for soda unlike the 2 weeks before that and I alound myself to have half a shot glass of coke (coke a cola) and that is all and it helped,  within the 3 weeks its been up and down but I dont have my craving for soda this week, now im finding that im more thursty threw out the day and i crave water, but it is hot at work by this I mean it like standing in a Sauna all day hot, you sweat so all the water you drink just seeps out of you then you have to go refill, but I dont mine.

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