Menstrual cups?

WARNING! I talk about periods, menstrual cycles, and products in this blog so if you don’t wanna read it you don’t have to

So for this month, I have decided to ditch tampons and pads and try the menstrual cup and review it on here tell you my thoughts experience in detail about it, I have been doing my research and I’m in love it sounds like what Iv been waiting for!

I’m always a little nervous using tampons for the TSS (toxic shock syndrome)
Every time you use one your at risk of it if you leave it in longer than it says, Yer you may think “oh it won’t affected me” but what if it did? Iv chose personally not to use them anymore why should I have to use a sanitary item that’s $4 $8+ (and I have a heavy flow so it gets expensive) that has the risk to kill me every month, and they get uncomfortable, I find they dry up my “natural lady moistness” as for pads I can’t stand them! I hate using them, I only use them at night for sleeping. (you and I now have the choice to not use them now yay!), sitting/standing/laying in my own blood for hours is just Big NO….. I don’t like the feeling of being “wet” down there.

I’ll happily use a menstrual cup and empty it with without thinking twice it just a cup full of blood and I get some ladies can’t handle this thought but each to there own. Every lady has different thoughts on this subjected we each have our own style when it comes to shark week, some ladies will only use pads, others only tampons, then there are ladies like myself I was using both just to feel protected and not leak but now I’m going to try the menstrual cup and I really hope I like it and it works, it sounds like what Iv been dreaming about and waiting for this brings me to……

I’m in my mid 20’s and can’t believe iv just found out about menstrual cups why weren’t we shown/told about this in sex ed! they have been around since the 60’s and there are so many to choose from they all come in different colours, shapes, sizes, thickness, softness. When I was picking one I was a little overwhelmed by selection this is when I did my research I watched youtube videos from woman who reviews them and gave you their opinion, I read blogs, I made a menstrual board on Pinterest with a whole lot of information I just did a whole lot of reading and listing and few weeks that’s what I did then one day I just said fuck it ill try it and now I’m so excited…… just sitting around waiting for shark week to come

there are a few websites out there that sell them here is a short list:

Ruby Cup

Meluna menstrual cups

The Lunette

The Yukki Cup

The Diva cup

The Evacup

The Fleurcup

The Super Jennie

The Lena Cup

My Cup


I have Pinterest and have been collecting info called and saving it to”The Menstrual cup” as I said above with all kinds of neat cool things about them, your welcome to check out and my other boards feel free to follow ill follow back, if you are thinking of trying it out do your research talk to your doctor, (cause it may not be for everyone!) i know if you are on some conception types it may not be for you so talk to your doctor I talked to mind about it cause I have heavy flows she said it would be way cheaper for me.

and another plus it last for years you only need one you can re-use it each month and you can have them in for 8-12 hours depending on your flow and their recommendation of the brand but each cup is different just make sure you read the instructions and iv heard the first time you insert it’s going to be tricky but you get used to it down the track practice makes perfect!

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