Goodbye Bi*ch Pop Hello Wine

I love a glass a wine after a long week on a Friday evening, just kicking off the shoes and just watching crap tv and just enjoy the wine and relaxing, sometimes I will even have a girlie night and have a bubble bath with candles and bring a bottle in with me, while I unwind from the weeks workload…. its the weekend now time to relax.

1st time {Wine-1 Me- 0}

I never thought I’d like wine, I had it once before it was gross. The wine I had tried was this cheap dry very bitter box white wine, I got dragged along to a mutual friends birthday party I didn’t really know her, she was more my friend’s friend so it was a little awkward… but hey free food! she had the beer for the guys and wine for the ladies but it was her favourite wine so that all she thought to buy for her party was 4 different boxed wine and beers for the guys. I was happy to have beer over wine but before I could get a beer a glass of wine was shoved in my hand and I didn’t want to be rude so I accepted the glass and my lord it was something else, I can’t even describe it, it was horrible, I’d got through half a glass turn back to the person I was talking to turn around and my glass it had magically filled up!! I think it had 3-4 glass and I have never felt so ill and the hangover the next day was horrible. so that put me off wine.

2nd Time {Wine-0 Me-1}

I’m at my Besties house we are having a girls night cause she is having drama lama’s with her “boy thing” she offers me a glass of this deep red wine in this fancy big fishbowl wine glass (Oh No!) and she knows I’m not a fan of wine but she insisted I try it she hounding me to try it saying “wine can be nice it fixes everything! it’s not like the shit wine you told me you had this is different” (In my head I’m thinking how does wine fix everything it gets you DRUNK my vodkas do the same thing) anywho so I said to myself fuck it!…. This is where I made a mistake in judgment (i’m completely soba btw) now this glass is much bigger then it looks and I thought….. but this did not stop me for I had a plan! not a very good plan I must say……The plan was to skull it there for I won’t taste it and I’d gets it over and done with cause ill probably hate it anyway its wine. So bottoms up!……and up…. and up. Turns out there was a lot more wine in this fishbowl glass than I expected about two full glass and I just skulled it… I put the wine glass down as I’m putting it down in grabbing my lemonade drink to wash down the wine till I cant taste it.

My friend just looks at me with an “oh shit” look and said ill get you a set before you fall I said “ill be fine” she looks at me and say “your 4ft8 and you just skulled 2 full glass of wine witch is going to smack you in the face” she gets me a set and demand I sit down and brings out snacks (cause I love to snack when I’m drinking) I started to feel so warm & happy I tend to get happy and talkative when tipsy but this warm feeling is new and it didn’t take me long to start chatting away, We are talking about her drama lamas and by now the wine is kicking in HEELLOOO!! I just look her dead in the eye and say “im drunk what did you do to me, you witch” she look at me and say “I told you so shouldnt of skulled the wine love” Im snacking away and drinking my lemonde and starting to feel human again she going on about the her “boy thing” an hours past shes talking away I rolled my eyes cause iv had enough of her talking about this dick head! and turn my head im to distracted to reply cause iv spoted the wine and im intrigued and I want to try it again she see’s me looking at it and say “ill get it if you legit teaste it” I smiled and nodded and said ok a little to fast and happy to witch she relpyed “you must be drunk” witch I wasnt I was only rather tipsy!

The smart ass gave me a shot glass and filled it half way and said “Don’t waste good wine by shotting its! wine is to be enjoyed not slaughtered by skulling” to which I replied “yeah right they are only grapes in a bottle cant be that good” this did not stop me from sipping the wine and letting it linger on my taste buds. To my surprise, it wasn’t bitty nor was it dry but it was sweet and fruity it was really good I thought all wine was just dry bitterness. I never thought wine could tease so indulging I asked her everything about it and if there were more sweet wines like this amazingness in a bottle to my horror there is!!! so much more so many kinds of wines.

So that was when I started to enjoy wine, The wine that had converted me was an Australian wine called BandRock Station Crimson Cabernet I think I have tried all of the bandrock rang beside the Chardonnay (I’m not dry crisp kinda girl) they have this amazing summer fruits rang its wonderful I highly recommend them amazing on a hot day so refreshing and fruity, I have started to explore new wines different brands from different country I’m trying to be adventurous when it comes to wine this year steping out of my comfort zone, iv even though about joining a wine club who though ther was wine club….. but im still debatating this.

None of my close friends drink wine they drink bourbon and vodka. So I’m the only wine drinker in our ground of 3 I offer them a glass every time hoping they would say yes but they never do, so I’m on the hunt to find a new friend to join our group who drinks wine!!


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