Farm Life to City life to Australia!!

We have Gypsy who is 18 years old this year. Dad got her when I was 12, she was the cutest thing tan color with these big dingo ears that were way too big.


One day she decided to jumped off the back of the 4×4 and starters braking at the cows and running around them trying to muster them with the big dogs, I’m sitting there terrified, there was my little dingo dog trying be one of the big dogs and muster and chase the cattle around the farm, little did I know that was the last day she would ride on the 4×4 with me and dad, after that she refused to get on she was going to run with cattle pack dogs and be a big dog.

So there she is herding the cows with the big dogs been a cattle dog, I’m screaming at dad to get gypsy out of there thinking she could get trampled or kicked, so me and dad are running around like headless chickens trying to catch this little foxy but she just not listing she too stubborn to excited and just wants to muster and be a big dog we would have spent a good 20 minutes trying to catch her she wasn’t having it at all she was now cattle dog

So that was the day she became dads little cattle dog. We had a huge farm so the dogs would do as they pleased if not in their kennels, we had 10 dogs (including my bothers) 2 pure breed Rhodesian ridgeback 1 foxy and the rest were mixes, most of the time they hanged around the house, I never stayed indoors was mostly outdoors going on adventures and the dogs would come with me if I went fishing or rabbit hunting or just for a walk. Gypsy was a cattle/hunting dog she would go hunting for hours on end come back with a possum or rabbits even mice and rats she was the best hunter out of all the dogs.

We sold up and We move to the city bringing her with us this was a new adventure the different smells all these different dogs and people but she had to be leash trained, now this was not a fun time for me nor for gypsy she was so stubborn as for i was to she would not move at all she just sat there with this attitude as to say “nope no way in hell you are not controlling me human” it took me a good month every day 2 time a day to get her broke into the leash, with in a month she release that she could go outside and new places with the leash on. Since she used to farm life we had to take her on long walks for her to get her “crazy gypsy out” she settled in the city life quite well as long as he got her walkies 2-3 times a day.

We moved to Australia she came with us, think it was 3 months before we got to see her cause they found 1 dead flea on her, we picked her up at the airport and she was so excited to see us so exciting she was crying, jumping, licking running around like crazy she was so excited she had piddle everywhere #happypees

So her life in Aussie, she couldn’t hunt even though she wants to. The war began the hunt for the geckos on the wall. She hates them with a passion cause one day she laying in the aircon, I’m sitting on the couch and I see 3 little geckoes creeping out and they start annoying her, they are on her they are nipping her ears climb on her face, in her ears, she just wanted to sleep it’s hot out but she can’t do that cause 3 little geckoes are ganging up on her, so she gets up they go running and she’s gone into hunting mode, for next 4 years, it would be her “hobby” that and be chasing kangaroos out of the roses but not the big one she stays well away from them.

Within those 4 years she would get hit by a car (she lived didn’t get hurt at all) she got rushed into the vet 2 times 1st time the lady feed her raw pork mince 2nd time was a bit by a parasitic tick we almost lost her the vet didn’t think she would make it but she did. she would also have a wild encounter with wild dogs.

We moved back to NZ and she’s now growing old but happy she may not be able to hear or see you from afar but she can still smell you and wags her tail, and is very excited to greet us in the morning and love a hug goodnight before bedtime, the silly goose still trying to go hunting there no rabbits where we live but she found a mouse in the garden so every morning she goes out and hunts it .


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