The Journey Begins

Hello There!

Welcome to my Lil world of adventures.

About me:

{Childhood Days} My name is Lil I was born in Austraila but grew up and live in the wonderful New Zeland I grew up in NZ, I grew up in the far north, where it was only me and my father he was a farmer but is now retired. I was a country girl from a young age and still am now in my mid 20’s. we had all the farm animals you could think of over the years of living on the farm, we lived in a harbor on the west coast of the far north island on the waterfront of this quite hidden Gem I called home. On the weekend id go fishing, hunting, walking, and swimming, with my friend who lived just around the corner (literally).On weekdays I was up at 6 to get ready to go catch the bus to go to school not more than 80 kids maybe even less. School holidays I would go and stay with my cousins (5 of them) down in Napier, to be “socialized” I called it I didn’t mine I loved it down there, they are my sisters and brother but I did miss doing what I do best which was running amuck and been a wild child and been free with my friends back home, I was brought up as an only child so having my cousins around was full on never a dull moment when I stayed, so many fights and tears and screaming. My auntie is the BEST cook I shit you not her cooking is amazing and still is to this very day my favorite. I moved down and did some schooling in Napier. few years past and my cousin moved to Hamilton when I was about 13 I moved in with them and on school holidays went back home to the farm so it was like a boarding school but with family.

{TheTeen years}Dad sold the farm when I was 14, my father his new wife myself and the family dog move over to live in Austraila, sunshine coast Qld, I did my high schooling there I made and meet some amazing people while living there. Life over on the sunny coast was wonderful, sure there are snakes, spiders the size of dinner plants but it was worth the little scares once and awhile and it didn’t stop me from sneaking out at night running down the driveway in pitch black I don’t know how I didn’t see or get bit or step on a snake. we lived on a small rose farm in Eumundi where I grew a love for horse’s iv never had one before that when father brought me palomino I started horse riding with my best friend who is a crazy horse lady.

I spent 4 years living in Australia and it was the best 4 years of my life so far I love going back and seeing everyone and catching up on a holiday, we left Aussie in 2009.

{Adulting} Now making a life for myself in NZ since iv been back I have done some studied manly hospitality and found a new passion for floristry (dream job) was living for a few years in Hamilton where I did a floristry course I loved every moment of it now have move to the bay of plenty where I am currently started to start writing I don’t know if this would be read or not I don’t mine really

so that’s me in a nutshell if you wanna know more welcome to ask.

Thanks for joining me, until next time

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