My First Bird Love At First Sight

I never thought I would own a pet bird, until one day 19 year old me had a lunch date and catch up with at the time “best friend” {lets call her Spud }as I’m sitting down and talking away I could hear this chirping but could not see where it was coming from, so I asked her where the chirping was coming from, that’s when she told me to go outside and have a look. There sitting next to a table on the ground was a little cage was a rather small gray black and white face bird singing away to itself, I had no idea what kinda bird it was but it sure is a cute little thing singing away. I spent a good 15 minutes just watching it flap and chirp away I was filled with joy and happiness watching this small gray bird sing away, I walked up to it and said hello not to get to close or make it freak out but to let it know I was there, it stood there and tilted its head and looked at me and then went crazy in its cage flapping around, I wasn’t to close for it to feel threatened, I suddenly stepped back and gave it more room.

That’s when Spud comes out and said “just hit the cage it will stop” I turned around and snapped at her and said No! I was shocked to what she just said, I know nothing about birds but I new hitting the cage was not the right thing or answer, she must have heard how shocked I was to hear her say that, I asked why it was outside she said cause it was too loud and wouldn’t shut up. I turned back to look at the cage in-depth there was no water and a little bit of bread on the bottom of the cage, the cage itself looked too small for it, I asked what she had been feeding it since she got it she said just white breed I didn’t know what this little guy/girl ate but I felt like it wasn’t bread. I knew right then and there I wanted to help this bird so I got a little container while Spud was out of the room and filled it with water I knew it would freak out but I had to get some water in the cage, so I very slowly and softly opened up the small door, sure enough, it freaked out I placed the water down closed the door and gave it space, a few minutes passed I stood there and waited while Spud told me why she got it.

Her daughter saw it and wanted it and threw a tantrum so she asked her friend if she could take it. So she now has this bird doesn’t know what to do with it? shes had it for almost a month now Spud told me the first time she tried to feed it screamed and it gave her a fright and it went all downhill from there for the bird, as Spud is not an animal person infact I can remeber her saying she hates animal, she was scared it would bite her daughter or make her sick so she put it outside and that’s where it stayed, I knew this little guy/girl needed help but I couldn’t just take it as she got it for her daughter but I knew this was not the right home for it. I looked back and the bird he/she was looking at the water and slowly come down and started to drink this made me smile.

That’s when Spud said she was going to let it fly away while her daughter was at daycare, without even thinking I said id take it the words couldn’t come out of my mouth any faster. Spud just looked at me and said ok with a strange look on her face (as I had just word vomited yes to taking a bird I know nothing about) I said I could pick it up later tonight when her daughter was asleep she said yes that’s fine So I said goodbye and rushed home and researched as much as I could.

So off I went to go get this bird, I pick it up bring it home set it on the table it’s just me and the bird I get my laptop and sit down and start doing my homework, turns out he’s a he and he’s about a year old or older and is called a budgie & they eat seed to fruit and veggies and can talk and come in a lot of colours and are social birds.

Three-four weeks have passed and iv moved him into a larger cage with toys and he has seed and fresh veggies and some fruit for a treat once a week and water he has a name and is now known as storm he singing and dancing and sings when I sing. He lives inside where he can see everything I do and see the dog walking around. He’s no longer scared of me and eats out of my hand but won’t step up yet but I know it will take time.

I’m house sitting while the father is away overseas I haven’t told him I have a pet bird but he’s pretty good with surprises. So I’m out walking gypsy when I get a text from dad I didn’t know he’d be home he never told me when he would be home so I got a text saying “I’m home and there is a bird…..” so I get home and the gypsy is going mental dads home!!!! I stand next to storm and dad just stands there and looks at him and say’s “cute little birdie what kinda bird is it ( this is him testing me if I’m worthy of keeping storm) I lay everything I no about what iv learned about budgies he smiles and says ok. So storm joins the family he was with us for 3 years when he crossed over the birdie rainbow, that little bird stole my heart and he would not be the last bird too.

I never knew I would become so in love with birds, over the years iv wanted more and craved more but the timing was wrong I was working too much and didn’t have the time, I’m now 26 I recently have gotten 2 budgies chicken (blue) and turkey (green)two budgies both males and the sweeties little guys ever. I have to stop myself when I see the bird for sale cause I just want them all.

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